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Phase 1 Works

To look the part and be useable, a number of other jobs were necessary.

bulletCylinder Head work to improve performance
bulletTake the opportunity to rebuild on 18" rims for more tyre choice
bulletExchange the front disc brake for a Dommie TLS.
bulletBelt drive now that the triplex primary was redundant
bulletMake the best of Standard Rod and Crank
bulletMake the best of Standard Cams 
bulletMagneto Ignition and Alternator electrics, so a late ES2 was required

The result is bike that I ride on the road and take to the Island every year. It is in a constant state of development, but has proved fast and very reliable.  

On closed roads last Manx GP, the Vintage "Parade" was controlled by the Traveling Marshall who told me that he would not exceed 120MPH. Whilst I could not stay with him, I did pass the immaculate Seeley Goldie featured on the front of Dec 02 Classic Bike! . 

SeelyGoldie.gif (815735 bytes)

At the moment 5,500 rpm gives me 98MPH, admittedly it's a bit slow getting there, but I have had well over the ton down from the Creg to Brandish.