Phase 1 Dynamometer Results

As the bike was assembled from scratch with a number of performance modifications, I have no base line for a standard motor. Roy Bacon's book of Norton Singles gives a figure of 25bhp (at 5300rpm), which would have been measured at the crank by the Man from the Marketing Department!

Power2002.jpg (167375 bytes) Dyno Results.    Power at back wheel. 3rd Gear Road Speeds

Torque2002.jpg (170679 bytes) Dyno Results.    Power and Torque by RPM

The man who drives the dynamometer advised me that almost any chain driven bike, from ES2 to GSXR1000, will loose 12-13bhp between crank and rear wheel. 

The read outs below show 20bhp at the rear wheel. (This performance  is comparable with my son's Suzuki Goose, quoted at 33bhp at the crank, so the Dyno man seems spot on!)

More interesting is the flatness of the power curve and drop off in torque at the top end, 4000 - 5000rpm. The conclusion I draw from this is that the long stroke of the motor is capping the revs.

Maximum power is at 3600rpm.

These findings helped to scope Phase 2. 

I will post comparable Dyno Runs when I have completed this phase.